son, 18, recently graduated, now what?

Glenda - posted on 07/02/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son 18, graduated on june 13 2013. We decided to take a break b4 any college starting up. He has ambitions to do something with computers, he is very talented, his specialty is video/editing etc. He has no job, and no car, and little motivation. He stays up very late, and wants to sleep into the afternoon. I sound like a broken record, everyday.....go to bed.....get up......take a shower.....fill out some applications gor a job......we live within walking distance of restaurants, target, home depot, drug stores, grocery stores......etc. He is picky about the type of job he will accept.....and lacks motivation. Some of it is fear.....some is lack of confidence......some is he is spoiled.......We love him!! But how can we motivate him? He has only a lerners liscence, and I had to push him tk get that! That isnt much of an issue since we live close to many biz. what should his dad and I require of him, he does chores.....but I have to ask. He also has a younger brother who is 11 thanks so much for advice!!


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Shelley - posted on 07/07/2013




Give him three months get a job or get out. There isn't a point to a license unless he has a car. Unless you actually see him truly trying. It can be very hard to get a job when you've never had one before.

Teresa - posted on 07/06/2013




Your son & mine are a lot alike! My husband & I decided to give him a bit of a break after graduation, but enough is enough. The boy says he will get a job when he gets a car; we say he will get a car when he gets a job. So we are going to send him off to work with dad every day, since we have our own construction business, whether he likes it or not. Could your son maybe mow lawns for neighbors, or be a pet sitter? He could set his own hours that way, but still earn some money.

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