Son having sex

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I have two 15 year old twin boys and they are getting to the age now where they are interested in girls more. I want them to be safe when having sex so I gave them both condoms. After this they both complained they were too tight and not long enough, they are both very well endowed. I bought them the biggest size I could find in the store and I don't know what to do as I still want them to be safe!


Maryanne - posted on 01/14/2018




condoms important make sure you instruct them on proper wear and mantaning and omg not in a wallet forever
nice your sons are endow

Patty - posted on 01/22/2018




Condoms should be pretty tight, if it slips off then what's the point of having the condom? Good for you that your kids can talk with you. If sex is a secret that's how kids make big mistakes

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Melissa I wish they wanted approval from me! I feel like they don't listen to me half of the time which drives me crazy at times. Me and my family all have a very open relationship and yes it is a very interesting time as you said

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