Son of 13 giving attitude

Lauren - posted on 09/11/2018 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son is 13 years old i never had a problem with him and the teachers didnt last month he was involved in a fight but it was the girls fault and we as parents were called but the girl was given a warning and was sent for therapy. and even the teacher said he walked away. now i got a message from his teacher saying he is disrespectful in class and when she showed him the messages he showed her middle finger. i am at my wits end, i am really going to sort him out with the belt but im so disappointed. how do i punish him i feel hitting wiill be the best way


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Jelousbug - posted on 10/22/2018




Hi. I'm a mother of 3. My son is the oldest at 19. We've had our ups, downs, good & bad. The best thing you can do is talk With him, not to him or at him. Take a breath before you reply to anything asked or said by him. Also take the time to think of what you'll ask him & how you word it. While talking with him make sure there are No Distractions of any kind. (This will mean so much more to him than he'll show you.) I don't know if you or he cusses or if it's allowed, but keep in mind what's not allowed or acceptable at home is more than likely allowed & acceptable with peers. Keep this in mind while talking with him because he's likely to cuss while talking especially when upset or frustrated. If this happens & you don't approve, don't interrupt (hard as it may be) let him finish, then calmly address the cussing and reply to whatever he was telling you. If you don't understand something he's told you let him know & ask him to help you understand. Hope this helps you out & things get back to normal for you both.

Patty - posted on 09/11/2018




Or sit down with him and talk but don't talk at him. Ask him why he's feeling angry and then wait for his answer. The first thing he'll say is "I don't know" but DON"T respond. Just sit there with him and he'll open up. If you press him, he won't

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