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Hello I have 1 boy and he is starting middle school in a couple of months. I was bullied a lot in middle school.. and I'm afraid the same will happen to my son.. any advise or tips on what to say or tell my boy.. he is a very quiet person ans lover reading and computers.
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Lynette - posted on 07/05/2016




I was also bullied in middle school. I was skinny and probably the only African American with braces, long hair, honor student, and captain of the dance team. I was also shy! But I got bullied because I never argued back with anyone! They were jealous because I wore name brand clothes and shoes! And boys actually liked me, (lol) although I thought I as UGLY and way too skinny! I weighed maybe 85lbs, I said all of that to say this : Tell him be hisself and if anyone picks on him always tell someone ! (Teacher,mom,dad, a big kid who he may know) what helped me was that the older girls who could fight felt sorry for me, because I didn't bother anyone nor talked about anyone! All I cared about was my grades and my Dance team!! Also, if he knows a tough kid who most kids are afraid of, ask that kid if he understands the math or science lesson, then offer to help/tutor him! I guarantee if they see your son with that kid, no one will mess with him!! Lol. Good luck... The best thing you can do is make sure him feel like he can tell you anything!! Even if you have to share your middle school experience with him! You may have to make something up that will help him realize that bullying is wrong!

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