Suicidal teenage son

Michele - posted on 09/10/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 14yr old son has attempted suicide, ran away from home and is hiding how he is feeling. He acts normal but I can see his behaviour is not matching with how he feels. I have got my son all the support. He needs from the various agencies. So the focus is on helping my son get better which is as it should be. I just wish one person would ask how I am I am a single parent with no support from family who all say my sons behaviour is all my fault. I feel so isolated and alonr


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Heather - posted on 09/13/2017




I am so sorry that you are going through this. How are you coping? I also have a 14yr old son as well as a 13 yr old son and I can relate to how helpless it feels when they are acting out, hiding their feelings, or mine sometimes reacting in hurtful or mean ways. I feel guilty because I have stayed with their father and our relationship with each other is not a loving or respectful. My husband is very verbally abusive and emotionally to me, but also to the boys at times. My husband refuses to take responsibility for any of his actions, reactions, or behaviors. Basically he denies, justifies, and just blames me for everything. I feel responsible for any of their bad behaviors because I've allowed them to witness our poor communication.
Don't listen to anyone who is telling you that your son's behavior is your fault. That is a hurtful and pointless thing for anyone to say. There is no need for blame. I'm sure you are letting him know how loved and special he is. If you are loving him, listening to him, and being their for him, then you are doing a great job. Hopefully he will start opening up and sharing his feelings with you or one of the people you are taking him to get to see. Please hang in there. It sounds like you both are feeling isolated and trying to deal with your problems alone. Encourage him to reach out and talk to someone and you should continue to reach out as well. .Trust me, I know from experience that isolating yourself only leads to deeper depression and higher states of anxiety. You both need and deserve as much support as you can get right now. I'm sending good thoughts towards you and your son.

Patty - posted on 09/11/2017




So so sorry you're going through this. Next time you take your son to see a councilor ask them to recommend one for you or ask if they know of any groups for the parents. It's always tough to ask for help but unfortunately a lot of people see that and think you're doing ok. *Hugs*

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