Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas on a dime


Tracy - posted on 03/08/2010




I find that the spa party/sleepover is usually inexpensive to pull off. You invite 4 to 6 girls including your daughter. You can buy inexpensive skin care products at Walgreen's such as facial cleansers, toners and masks, lotions or creams, fingernail polishes, etc. They can do their own facial, manicure, and pedicure. You can serve something easy like pizza, or you can get fancy and have tea sandwiches, fruit, and herbal tea. You can make cute cupcakes for dessert. The girls can watch movies or play games after the spa treatments.

Also fun for this age is a scavenger hunt. Have 2 other parents besides yourself as drivers and divide your daughter's friends into 3 teams. Each has the same list of things to find and bring back with them (like a pink plastic spoon from Baskin Robbins or a napkin from a Chinese restaurant, etc.) The first team to collect all their items and get back to your house 1st wins. Then serve hotdogs, chips and cupcakes with punch back at home. Decorations can be minimal...a plastic table cloth with matching plates and cups with some streamers is usually enough.

Another inexpensive option is to invite a couple of her closest friends out to dinner at a fun restaurant and go see a movie afterwards.


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Mia - posted on 03/09/2010




My mom was a divorced mom on a budget and the best party I remember was the 'fashion show' party. She leant a camera and allowed us access to her makeup, music, clothes etc. She then invited two of her friends and they sat back while we 'modelled' for them.
Feed them 'model' food and encourage them to bring their own clothes. With digital technology take photos and make a CD for each of them to keep as a memory. Post it as a group on facebook and put the pics up. You could even do the whole 'america's next top model' thing - have judges and a 'photographer' and make them pose with a fake spider/snake/bug etc. get creative!!
We had such fun and it was so affordable. It is one of the few parties I remember from my childhood.

Trenara - posted on 03/08/2010




set a budget and stick to it the dollar store has some great things come up with a theme that helps you stick with a budget and buy things you actually need ,get creative and start making thing with stuff you already have at home you'd be surprised what you come up with and check out doi it yourself party ideas you will find some wonderful tips and after all that PARTY PARTY PARTY

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