Teen refusing school due to depression?

Alma - posted on 11/07/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 14 and has not been to school since AUGUST. It is now november and she has barely completed any work. We transferred her to online school but I CANT monitor her all day and only ask what is expected while I am at work. She has depression and anxiety and zero motivation. She used to have straight As and the best in her classes but now everything is horrible. She was diagnosed wth depression over two years ago and it keeps going downhill. She is a smart lady so she understands the consequences. I have had two social cases on me and her dad towards this issue. She can not attend her local school because she has social anxiety causing her awful panc attacks. She used to be very suicidal but not anymore so I am afraid she might end up again one day. I just dont know what to do?! I have showed tough love, (and have the last few weeks) but it only causes her to rebel and we had a very close relationship thats now falling apart. Her hygiene is horrible too. I am very exhausted and don't know what to do since I can't afford going to jail either due to other reasons. Boarding school would only be an option if I had the money. Financial aids are not optional too since "we make a lot of money" for three people. Her therapist says that she needs more social activities but I am at loss. Does anybody have any ideas?

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