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Francie1967 - posted on 11/07/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 15 yr old daughter lied to me for 7 months about having a boyfriend when i told her she wasn't allowed, but that's not all she told me tonight she has been having sex. I don't know what to think or say or do because she is that straight A student, whose nice respectful and is the last person i would or anyone would think of having sex. Im in total shock.. please i need advice.


SHERILYNN - posted on 11/10/2016




After you Breath and calm down, You need (MY opinion only) thank her for coming to you and being truthful about the sex. NONE of us wants to hear this from our babies!! But, it is inevitable. I believe at this point your best action is to give her all the help, love and guidance possible. Birth control, self respect, cleanliness...everything that she needs to know. Ask her if she has questions, fears. It's already happended, so YOU need to make sure she has all the information! And most importantly, that she knows you are there for her NO MATTER WHAT!!

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