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I mostly agree with Claire on this subject. There is an excellent program put out by the Unitarian Universalist Church and another national church that I can't recall the name of at the moment. It is called OWL, stands for Our Whole Lives. It deals with human relationships in all its forms and with sexuality, also in all its forms. It is the most comprehensive sex education course there is and is taught in increments from kindergarten to adulthood. The Junior youth group is the most intensive and informative of the courses and I highly recommend it for parents with Jr. high school aged children. Our son is homeschooled, I taught him about sexuality at each stage of his life and when I found UU and the OWL program I was so happy. As much as I had taught him I knew there would be holes, gaps, that needed to be filled in.

My other advice with this is if/when this happens please don't over react. It's an easy thing to do but we don't want to teach our children that sex is something naughty or nasty. We want to teach them sexuality in the proper context and each stage of it at the right ages. If we wait until their hormones are flying it is almost too late but... you can still catch them up and teach them well.

I have taught my son to always respect women and that pornography is wrong because it is degrading to women and to the sexual act. I've also taught him that the body is beautiful and should be respected and that we should respect people's boundaries and our own. I clean his room often, or help him clean it, he's almost 16, and I've yet to find any form of pornography in his room or on his computer. I've taught him that he should never do anything on his computer, with pictures or on video that he would be ashamed for his mother or father to see, to think about what it is he is doing and if it would be appropriate for me to see it. I think he has taken this to heart, at least, I hope.

I don't think these issues have to be tough. I think we have to nurture our children to be respectful of their own bodies, their own sexuality and in teaching them that they will be respectful of others.

I hope this makes sense.


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