Teenage son with Aspergers

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im a single mum with a teenage son 15,who has Aspergers..Ive brought him up on my own all these years..The past few years since he hit 12 have been horrendous.It got to a point he was removed from myself for 3 months because his aggression became so acute-but the psychological control over me was much worse...While he was away he learnt certain things,but has been back with me for the past three months and I finding the constant Im always right and high anxiety states so hard to cope with Im near a breakdown myself..I just keep praying it will pass..I am so aware of what his Aspergers means and I am extremely tolerant and helping of it..But Ive tried everything years of CAMHS services(which did nothing but make it worse so he discharged himself) Payed for two lots of CBT which hes still having now.Hes just started counselling with Mind also...But I can separate his Apergers from Downright teenage behaviour..He even refused to see a social worker no more and was discharged from them a few weeks ago....I just feel like theres a constant boiling pot in my head all the time and im not living just exsisting..Just letting this out is a relief.


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Hes not being bullied he hasn't been in any education for over a year because he went for a teacher and totally smashed the classroom to pieces.Ive tried so hard with a male role model I've tracked his father down but he didn't want to know.ive asked my uncle who took him on a Sunday every other week but that didn't last and I've lost count of whst else I've tried with a male even payed privately so he can talk to a male.I know he has anxiety certain obsessions and ridgidthought patterns I am an expert in dealing with these patiently...But I'm totally filled with constant fear over the control psychological he had over me I dread stepping through my front door or just sitting watching TV my family are so worried about me because I've 'cared'for my son for 15 years it's consumed me!
Hes having another 12 sessions of private Cbt..and starts 'mind'in January so I'm living on a scrap of hope

Sarah - posted on 12/11/2014




Make sure your son is not being bullied at school or anywhere else. Also, find a positive male role model(uncle, grandad, trusted family friend) that can spend quality one on one time with your son. One on one because his anxiety skyrockets when he is in a social setting with a lot of people around. Aspergers is a social anxiety disorder, everyone has at least mild form of social anxiety disorders when a lot of people are present.

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