Thirteen Yr Old daughter acts like she hares now !

Heather - posted on 05/18/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My almost thirteen year old daughter acts like she hates me! She acts mad at the world, disrespectful, annoyed by my presence, on her phone constantly, stubborn, bossy, hateful. I can't go anywhere with her where she doesn't act nice to me unless I'm buying her something or catering to her like a slave. Therefore, I chose to no longer wait on her, give her space, and she retaliates even worse saying I'm a bad Mom, she wished she had another Mom, she doesn't like me, I'm so embarrassing...blah blah blah. I'm frustrated and worried she'll sink deeper into these ways. I'm a single Mom that raises her alone every day. I have a boyfriend of 5 years that is very good to us both. He does not live with us and she loves him very much. He's dealt with drama and says I need to be more strict. When I try and punish like take her phone she literally wrestled me to the ground for it and went psycho. She goes insane!!!! OMG help! My Mother and I are soooo close and loving to each other. I try and tell her I want us to grow up and be the same way. She says she wants that too but then rolls her eyes and tells me to leave her alone. Help! Any suggestions?!?


Patricia - posted on 05/25/2014




Hi Heather:
You need to be much more strict with her. Just go online and turn her phone off. I did that last summer to my then 14 yo daughter and after moaning and complaining for days, she started reading, taking walks, going to the beach with friends, getting outdoors more and her moods got much better. These kids are all wrapped up in gadgets and phones and computer screens and they need exercise, sunshine, friends face to face to talk to and new things to do that make them think. If you belong to a good church, get her involved with the youth group or church music program where kids her own age are - she can earn her phone back. Be strong, Heather. Have other adults to back you up - maybe your boyfriend could lend a hand with the discipline issue, too. Good luck - being a single parent is tough but doable as long as you keep respect in your household - you are in charge, not her.

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