Tips on how to get a teenage girl to wear a bicycle helmet

Flannelgeek - posted on 03/14/2017 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 14 year old daughter loves to go out on bike rides with her friends, however she and her friends seem to lack wearing helmets. I have talked to her friends parents who either dont care or are in the same positon as I am in. Is there any good tactics to get a teen to wear a helmet?


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I had teen age kids who used to be in the same position as your daughter is now.
I was a mom who was just like you, trying with all my might to get them to wear a helmet while they rode their bikes. I tried forcing them, that did not work. I tried grounding, that did not work either. I also tried threatening and shaming....I tried everything I could think of, positive reinforcement. I could not figure out what to do. I learned something after we got through this stage.
" Your teenage kids are trying to grow up and they are going through their second round of toddler stage. (just a little older and more stubborn,haha!) Any way, give them a choice. I.E. " okay, sure you can go out with your friends, but I have bought this helmet and you need to wear it while you are out biking. There is a lot crazy drivers out there and I want you to be protected from the danger that could occur. Or you and your friends, can stay here and do something or you can stay home and help me out."
Give her two or three positive choices and one that is not so great of one. Stand firm and do not give in to her manipulation. She will be mad, but in the long run she will thank you down the road. I hope this helps.


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Pennyroy61 - posted on 03/15/2017




Parenting is the hardest thing I've ever done. Standing firm on things that you could so easily back down on and avoid a teen meltdown. I always tried to remember that I was not just protecting my daughter, I was modeling for her good parenting. How would you want your daughter to respond to her own daughter should something similar occur? That is what I always asked myself. Good luck.

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