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I understand 1000%of what all you ladies are going through. I myself am going through the same situation with not just one but two of my sons. I have broken my back for them and I get no appreciation what so ever. My sons are 18 going on 19 and 16 going on 17. It's sad when those are the only two children I have and they have been the biggest disappointment in my life. I've had them to destroy my property because they get so upset. They curse at me and are very abusive and disrespectful. I've sent my oldest son to Canada twice to live with their dad and he wants to come back here. I've given him this last chance and I'm regretting it like crazy! Their father is not a good father as he doesn't pay child support, lives with his mom, in and out of jail with no job. I've had stage 3 thyroid cancer and just got out of icu from being diagnosed with diabetes. I am at the point to where I'm ready to turn my back on both of my boys. My oldest smokes weed, drink that lean and alcohol and pop pills. My youngest has been kicked out of school and has been in trouble with the law. He sees my oldest son do the things he do and tries to pull the same stunts. For my own sake I'm tired of trying to get them to do right it feels like a losing battle. I wish there laws to help protect single parents from children like these.


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Your son's are ADULTS! You don't get child support for adults, and if they are not paying you room and board, and living under a reasonable contract with you, then you have only short changed yourself.

Why are you still playing maid to perfectly capable individuals? Mine started doing for themselves at the age of 12 or so. Stop pandering, set some contracts, and stick to it.

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