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My son is 18 in his last year of high school. Bob (father ) does pay child support split custody 60/40. The issue is our son wants nothing to do with his father. He refuses to see his dad because Bob's wife was abusive (told my son he should commit suicide to make her life easier). Bob refuses to believe our son.

Recently I found out that Bob has a second job. I don't want to be a jerk and go after him for more money but the other part of me thinks he doesn't even bother to try to reconnect with our son...and my wife and I just bought him a cheap/reliable used car, helped him get a job....everything normal parents do for their kids. But the extra money would help with insurance....I need help to decide if I should move forward with this. ..


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Um... you "child" is an adult, and unless your orders specified support beyond 18, you can't ask for anything. At this point, he should be contributing to his own support. If he is still in hs, fine, but he can still have a part time job. My boys did at that age, and once graduated, they paid their own way.

Also, at the adult threshold, he does get to decide that he wants no contact with his father.

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