Ungrateful 17 Years old Daughter

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My Daughter is 17, Today she woke up and get so sensitive, sad, mad and totally ungrateful for not having a dozen of gifts under the tree for her to open like everybody she knows..
Meanwhile, under her tree was: An envelop with U$300.00 from her daddy+ a Socks full of little teenager things like nice key chain, on small bottle of perfume, 2 tank tops..Little things but cool simple things..Plus one Gucci necessary(Make up bag) + an envelope with a few gifts cards from different places_15 to 30 dollars each).
Details: all those things were purchased with a certain sacrifice, because we are just a regular people; we did as much as we could and she spend all day crying, without having lunch... not talking with us..And the first thing she did that heart me so much was to walk into my room and give me back the stuff socks saying: Take it, I don't want it' you spend your money for nothing; buying all those stupid things..
My Christmas day was crying and crying all day and thinking how can act in a circumstance like this one... Why my only daughter is so selfish, showing no love and consideration to me?!?I
Every friend I talk or see their posts on Facebook seems to be so happy with their teenager...And it make feel like I have a problem..I don't know how to handle Christmas gifts...Like my Daughter tells me... I feel like my house is different than all her friends house...Or maybe she does not know exactly whats is going on in her friends house...Or maybe we are the poor ones and they are all wealthy... I am very confused and needing some support..


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Question - is your daughter accustom to getting what she wants? If so, she may just be ungrateful and spoiled (please don't take that as a criticism). However, if this is not the case, perhaps there is something else going on like hormones or the pressure of the tremendous scrutiny teen girls are under to have all the "right" things. I think the priorities these days in society are terrible.

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When she was a little girl yes, most of the time she got all she wants. But from her 14 years old to now, things have changed and she seems not to accepted it. At the same time; she became a teenager..It's so hard to identify if it's a hormone kind of thing or being spoiled or a combination of both.. The fact is; it has been very hard to deal with her temple... Most like nasty. Some books and people say it will finish ..But when?!? And meanwhile how I am supposed to react to all these attitudes?

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