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Lorri - posted on 09/30/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have posted one othet time on here abut problems I have been having with a teen boy. It has gotten worse.

We let him go to football homecoming and he was to stay with his friend, who's parents we know and we can truly trust. Anyhoo, he lied, did not go to his friend's house. We didn't know that at the time. We took our daughter to a town that was 56 miles away to go to an animal shelter to adopt a pet for her birthday. We got a phone call from our neighbor and asked if we knew where he was. We of course replied at his friends house. The neighbor told us he csaught him with his daughter who is 13 years old. They skipped on the football game and stayed the night at an abandoned house. He has been smoking, chewing tobacco, and God only knows what else he does without us knowing. We since then have been escorting him to and from school, took baway all privelages. He totally disrespects me and his father. He dared me to call the cops, so I did. Little did he know, I have alreadyn been to the child services office, and the juvenile probation officer.The law is on our side, but should I do it and make a report? I have two other chidren to think about and he is making our lives miserable. I am open to any thoughts.

Thank you!!


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GIna - posted on 10/02/2012




I have a step son who when he was 14, began to change in ways that threw us for a loop.

These teen years are challanging no matter the upbringing or any previous history. The "norm" to this generation seems to be the mutual interest of experamenting and attitude.

Our son began hanging out with concerning people and would leave for a couple nights in a row without staying in contact with us. His grades dropped and he became very displaced. He was the first of our four teens so we were not sure what road we were headed down. Each RED flag was second guessed and we gave him the benefit of the doubt because he was able to give us a reasonable answer for what ever the issue was at hand.

He continued to spiral down further until we could not even see a trace of his old personality.

His grades sank so low and he was in severe danger of not graduating from high school.

My husband and I lost much sleep and countless nights on high alert as to his whereabouts.

As a Mom, I could not save him from himself and that hurt so much!! I did however go on the internet and searched and searched for someting, a resource an answer, someone to relate to.....just anything.

After 2 weeks searching, I found a program that halped us transform our son into a respectable young man. I'm located in Wisconsin. Most states are involved in this program. It's called the National Guard Challange Acadomy. Try to google it. This is a free program but their are some restrictions as far as the age at the time of enroolment and the kids cannot have any fellonies to get enrolled. This is a 5 month boot camp program that is run by the National Guard. It's just amazing!!

Please look in to it. (this is for guys & Girls)

Good luck!!

Jennifer - posted on 10/02/2012




Well i did not read your previous post on the matter, but based on what you've written here i assume he's causing you alot of problems. So sorry your going through this. How old is he? because that makes a difference (at least to me). If a boy and a girl (who are not in a relationship) spend the night together, i can only assume one thing was going on. And if he's older than her by too much, your lucky your neighbor didnt rip his head off. 13 is too young, she's just a little girl. And the tobacco, well that can be a big problem too. That stuff is much more addicting than marijuana or alcohol (my opinion), and is he aware that most decent girls wont want to kiss him after he spits that lump of gook out of his mouth?

You asked if you should file a report, well i dont know enough to give a solid opinion, but if he's truly making your lives miserable then maybe its time for some tough love. A little juvenile hall won't kill him if he really deserves it

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