What do you do to monitor your kids online?

Nataedwa - posted on 01/20/2017 ( 7 moms have responded )




Been reading a lot about it lately and wondering what some more experienced moms have come up with. Do you use any apps or services or is it more about keeping electronics out in open spaces, or just trusting them 100%?


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My 8th grader has a phone and my 6th grader has an ipod (she doesn't get her phone until 7th grade) and they both turn their electronics in early on school nights. I do go through them sometimes. My 8th grader deletes as she texts, so I have confronted her that when she does that it makes me think she is hiding something. She told me that with me going through HER phone (I was laughing at that, because she doesn't pay the bill for that), I wasn't trusting her. Luckily I was checking up on her because she is obsessed witb Arriana Grande and she was FaceTimeing with a strange man, not kid, to get her videos for her Instagram. I was furious. I told her this is exactly why I check your phone...she isn't old enough to make the rignt choices and judgement of people, that is my job to teacher her. With my 6th grader, we sit down together and go through her text together pretty much every day (she has social skill issues, so that is why it is everyday). And that is how we handle the wonderful world of electronics...lol. good luck!

I also tell my kids that the Internet is like leaving your bedroom window wide open and letting strangers in or driving down the highway and just getting dropped off the side. Pretty scary!

Jbrauer1964 - posted on 02/02/2017





My husband and I did the same thing as Ev Witt did below. Had the computer out in a public area and had certain times and we monited them.

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