What do you do with a teenager who is downright mean, nasty, and hatefull towards me?


Desiree - posted on 07/12/2012




Patty~ I have a 17 year old daughter and our relationship has been pretty rocky, until one day Dayna asked to go to therapy. She goes alone one week and I go with her every other.. We get to open up to eachother about our feelings and really hear where the other is coming from. It has helped!! She knows I love her and I am in charge and I am more understanding to her bing a "Teenager" and trying to figure life out. I dont know what your situation is, but I do know that kids usually have a reason for there madness and sometimes its trying to figure that piece out, before you throw them out of the house or try to fight fire with fire, maybe first try to figure out why the nastiness. Wishing you Well and Good Luck!


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Elizabeth - posted on 07/11/2012




Patty..this is your mantra from now on.....I am NO ONE"S doormat........Do not put up with it. Don't even get your feelings hurt. No one, not even your child has the right to abuse you verbally. When I was raising my nephew who is 29 for a bit, he was verbally abusive to my husband and I. I packed his bags for him, and put him out...he was 22. I sent a clear message. YOU WILL NOT TREAT ME THIS WAY. He apologized...a long time later but he has never disrespected me again.

Louise - posted on 07/11/2012




If you can t get through to them by sitting down and talking then fight back. Dont allow them to do this to you. Send them to their room until they have learnt some manners, turning off the internet as they go. You have to stand up for yourself and tell them that talking like that is inappropriate, if they have a legitimate complaint you will listen but you will not take personnal abuse. Be short and sharp with them, it is your house and you are their parent and you will have respect.

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