What kind of party to throw for a 16th birthday

Kristin - posted on 01/14/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




What kind of surprise party would be ideal and fun for 16 year olds?


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Elizabeth - posted on 09/07/2011




My daughter would have loved a Cinderella party like this!! How wonderfully fun it sounds. Was it all girls? I'm getting geared up for a 16th and planned on a horseback ride with some friends, then a marshmellow roast around a fire and food and gifts. It will be a small gathering since the horse ranch can only take a few girls at a time out on the trails, but it will be early Oct. and late afternoon so it will be fun. I'm going to order hats and other accessories for the girls. :) Cinderella may have to wait a few years until the next 16th party. :)

Jackie - posted on 01/14/2009




wow... that Cinderella party sounds like fun!
For my daughters 16th birthday she had her first boyfriend. They got all dressed up and we drove them to a show... I think it was We Will Rock You. They had a great time.
Another thing we have done in the past is... I had six girls arrive right after school. They had cake and ice cream then a limo came and picked them all up... drove them all around to each girls house to get their sleep over stuff... and then for another little drive. I supplied pop for the limo drive. They were in the limo for about two hours. They LOVED it... and it was really quite affordable... I think it was $140 because it was before 6pm and they had time to clean the car and use it for something else that night.
When the girls returned we had tacos for dinner and they watched movies.
Also, one more idea... One of my friends set up a 'spa' in her house... one adult gave pedicures... one adult gave manicures and another did hair with curling irons and hair straighteners. I thought that was a good idea too.
Good Luck! And please let us know what you decide to do and if it was a success.

Pati - posted on 01/14/2009




Oh I love to throw parties for my kid. We do one every other year. Now that there is this show my super sweet 16, there is a lot these kids want. I was lucky that most of her friends had bar/batmitzfa’s at 13 so there were not many sweet 16’s going on and she was not thinking I want one like that.   

For my daughters sweet 16 we had a Cinderella theme, her choice. Except instead of blue we went with Pink and Leopard. I had the back yard set up like the center court of a castle, the area she sat at under the awning, we used pink and purple sheets from the thrift store and draped them from the ceiling like renascence type.  We used candles,  tiki torches and white xmas lights.  I painted dozens of boxes to look like brick walls and used them all over as back drops. I brought beads and crown rings from oriental trading co as prizes for the games, which were a toss game to knock down cones and a bow and arrow with a target. I set up a fire pit out by the games for conversation.  I had two friends dress up in old costumes to run the games.  For food we made it all but set it up as a buffet, I served a full dinner, chicken, tritip, potatoes, pasta, green and fruit salad and rolls. And put name tags on them like Grand Dukes favorite beef, Lady Gwneaver chicken Princess pasta, Royal palace potatoes and we had a candy bar set up, bowls and glass containers all pink, black or leopard from thrift stores, filled with all their favorites, and I had bags there so they could all take candy home. I also had a chocolate fountain set up with all kinds of fruit and things that go good with chocolate like marshmallows.  

The area she sat in also had a table set up for her gifts, and one for some trinkets, like a tiara a glass slipper, and a book that all her friends could write in.  We had music for dancing and props for dress up while singing karaoke it was so much fun. 

For her dress, we found a short spandex type plain pink and I added about 300 pink, purple and clear rhinestones to it, then we found a dark fuchsia shiny prom dress at a thrift store and I cut off the top part and made it just the skirt, again I added a few hundred rhinestones in different sizes all over the skirt. We bought a long sheer Curtin in leopard and used it to make the sash around her waits and tie a big bow in the back. Once her friends arrived and we got them in the back yard we brought her out to introduce her she was wearing the short dress with the long skirt over it, sash to bring the two dresses together, hair in a updo  with this little fuzzy leopard crown and flat little leopard slippers.

Later in the party she slipped away and when she came back out for re introduction, she was wearing the short dress with the sash and bow that I had ran in and cut to size after the changing, with high heel leopard shoes, hair down with a rhinestone tiara. It was her transformation form a little girl to a young woman. Kids and parents still talk about how shocked they were to see her come back out transformed in a completely different outfit. No one had a clue, she did not even tell her best friends.  

I am a single mom and a very frugal person to say the least, so just about everything I got for this party came from a thrift store like the sheets and bowls I spent between 50 cents and 1.50 a piece. I shopped around for the best price on everything and also found a few props at garage sales. It was a great celebration for my daughter.

I made the invites as well, we picked out what she liked and I recreated them on my computer and added rhinestones to each one on the crown. It took me a lot of time but I had a blast doing it and she love it.


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