what type of r ules can i m ake for a 17 year old daughter to get sher to get to sleep and get up for school on tim forschool on time


Diana - posted on 09/21/2012




I just researched curfews and for a 17 yrs old (my daughter will soon be 17 yrs) on school nights it would be 10pm and weekends 12 am. Put it in writing as well any other rules so it's clear otherwise you'll be second guessing? She is a member of your household and needs to produce results from school. Just like you she has to work at school, like you work at a job. There are no free rides in the real world and the sooner she finds this out the better. My daughter has just returned from being kicked out because she couldn't follow these rules. She spent 3 weeks with a very disfunctional family who have lost their 18 mos old baby because mom is a crack addict. She returned to us because of lack of sleep, food and unhygiene conditions. Life is hard. People need to work!


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Vicki - posted on 09/21/2012




Have a family meeting with her, and let her know that its a problem in your house and its something that you will not tolerate. Let her know what time she must leave the house by Encourage her to come up with a plan for changing this behavour and discuss together what the consenquences are. Some consenquences could be loosing privalages such as phone computer tv?

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