When do you start worrying about a girl not reaching puberty?

Ail - posted on 09/14/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Mine is 14. She is petite, at just over 5', not underweight-100lbs, and shows all other signs of adolescence, incuding moodiness!

MD said to come in if not reached by 15, because there might be an issue of a membrane. Has anyone ever experienced this? I'm sure she would be beyond unhappy if the MD had to do anything invasive.


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Francine956 - posted on 09/14/2012




All girls go through puberty at different times. My niece was 18 when she finally had hers. She did not endure anything evasive in nature, just some tests and bloodwork to make sure she was not sick. unless she has some medical issues going on, I wouldn't worry too much. On a side note, I have done a few research papers in college and many of my findings highlighted that with all of the chemicals and hormones that are being feed to the animals people eat are having an impact on our bodies. Puberty was one of the affects along with higher obesity rates, resistance to antibiotics, and several other negative affects. So, if you take that into consideration you can see that there are many reasons why a girl may begin her period later than some girls her same age. Make sure to let her know there is nothing wrong with her, her body is just not ready for her to make that change yet. This can be a very sensitive subject for her and you want to let her know it is not her fault and she will develop when her body decides it is the right time. I hope this little insight helps.

Betty - posted on 09/14/2012




Jane, some girls go thru puberty early and some go thru it late. my niece went thru the same thing. ny niece is 14 and is also 6 ft. .... it will happend when it happends.........my daughter went thru puberty very early at 9 yrs old. and she changed over night......(lol) one night she was my little girl and the next morning she had breast and booty. (lol). so dont worry :)

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