why does my daughter wet herself

Kayla - posted on 11/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




She is 14 and an wonderful student and is not lazy. But now it is happening almost all the time. Her first time was when she in class and she was fine just had the urge and thought whatever. but when she got home and told me what happen she said she wet her. I was mad but then she told me that she tried to ask the teacher and he said no wait until after class even though her legs were crosse and her pants were almost wet enough to see it. And he said there bath room break was cancelled. So i now i no longer mad and told her to change her clthes and wash up. Then her next time was when she was at her last clas of the day and she had been holding it when she was in her 6th class because her teachers all said go after class and by the time she was in the last class she was doing every thing to hold it. then 5 seconds later i get a call from the school saying that my daughter had ran out the class room and wet her self when she was a fewer inches away from the bathroom door. now i know this a hormonal time but this is insane.

Please help


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I would say that it's not normal for a 14 year old to wet herself like that. First, you say it's happening all the time and then you mention two incidents. Is it really all the time or did it just happen twice? If it's happening all the time, I would suspect a medical problem and bring her to a doctor to be checked out. Diabetes, for one, can cause urinary frequency and urgency. I might also ask the school about teachers not allowing bathroom breaks, but if she's in high school she should have time between classes. She may need to manage her time better, but I still would be concerned about a medical issue.

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