Why don't u listen at all

Gina - posted on 08/25/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My girls have some feel that if they do something they get something???my fault yes but these girls have everything they need I'm a single parent for 13 years no help no support and they know I try my best but it makes me do mad when I ask them to do something and they look at me like I'm an alien off another planet..like here


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Leslie - posted on 08/27/2016




Sounds like it's time for a family meeting -- but think through first what exactly you want each of them to do beforehand so you are ready. What do they get in return? A roof over their head, clothes to wear and food in their stomachs. They need to be told that some things are just done because you are part of a family and they are needed to keep that family house running. You shouldn't have to do everything, especially if they are teens! Be sure you have thought of and present some legitimate consequences that you can live with and follow through on also for when they do not do their part. It will be a hard adjustment probably in the beginning but hopefully soon you'll have a well running house with everyone helping out. Good luck!

Camvalerie2 - posted on 08/26/2016




been their with my 2 daughters. i worked hours and then cleaned the house while they watched tv. take a few days of not cooking meals and if they want their dinner they can fix it themseleves. they will still complain and say negative things but it will give you a break and also let them see what you do. but the bad news is they wont get it until they get on their own. i thought it was just girls but i have a son and he is worse.

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