Any other gifted military brats out there?

Dixie - posted on 01/23/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi! I am wondering if there are amy Moms on board who have navigated through the DODEA or DDESS system with their gifted kids? I find that generally speaking it has been a good experience, but I was wondering if anyone had any great insight on services for our kids. My husband is a soldier and our kids are in 6th and 7th grade. Both have tested as gifted, and the oldest is highly gifted. Anyway...that's my long winded intro and question. Thanks!


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Candi - posted on 02/18/2011




I am a military wife. My oldest has been in gfited classes since 1st grade. He is now in 6th. He is in the highly gifted range. My 5th grader is also gifted, but don't know the outcome of her range yet. She was supposed to be tested 2 yrs ago, but her teacher was retiring and had other things on her mind besides students. When we moved, they only test certain grades. My youngest is in Kindergarten and she is also considered gifted, but can't be tested until next year. I have to say, none of them attend school on post. I feel better putting them in a school where kids come from different walks of life, not all military. I am happy with my kids schools so far.

Rebekah - posted on 02/15/2011




Hi Dixie I am also new to the bored and an Army wife my DD is not yet school aged but at 22 month speaks both Farsi and English with her Dad and English and signing with me. she is above average when it comes to her motor skills, vocabulary,and social skills. and as my husband is in for the long run I know we will probably have to eventually navigate through it with our gifted child. Just glad to know that maybe I'm not so alone and that you have had a good experience thus far. As is, we have had some issues with play groups as many adults don't seem to know how to react to my daughter.

User - posted on 01/30/2011




Hi, Dixie! I'm new to the board and a military spouse as well. We have one child who has been in gifted programs for 4 years, and one that will be evaluated next school year( the Dodds schools we've attended don't test children until grade 3). I've overall been very pleased with the gifted programs. We've also been fortunate the past 2 years to be on a small installation, so the children have a lot more individual time with their teachers and the parents are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with the teachers as well. No real insight, I guess, but in my opinion it takes a special person to teach in the first place, that goes double for Dodds teachers overseas. It takes a real commitment to the students as well as an understanding of the life we lead and how it affects our children.

Jerin - posted on 01/23/2009




Back when I was a HG Navy brat, the only option we had was acceleration.  When I was in DODDS, I'd be put up a grade (or 2) ... but I was also small and young for my age-grade, so it wasn't always a good fit, and when I was in a civilian school setting (public or parochial), I'd be put back with my age mates.  My school history must look a little odd, as I first started in DOD schools in second grade (should have been first), then the school was taken over by the local district, and I was kept in the same classroom next year.  In what should have been my fourth grade year, I was back in DOD schools and completed 6th grade, but was put back into sixth grade at the parochial school.  In eleventh grade, we were in DOD schools, and I completed all the requirements for graduation, but when we PCSed back just a week before actual graduation, the state wouldn't take the DODDS credits, and I ended up going to summer school as well as repeating that senior year in order to get my diploma.


Other than that last year, I pretty much rolled with it.  But the frustration I experienced is key in my own decidion to homeschool my children, as the corporation my husband works for sometimes has us moving more often than the Navy did.

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