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Tamara R - posted on 06/21/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am the mother of a child identified gifted and talented at 5. He was raised in this program, sponsored via Duke University, and has excelled all of his life! He is currently attending ASU and was one of 28 students (student population 78K) to participate in the Industrial Design program.
He also is a Certified Genius for Apple and works for them in Scottsdale. He has the midas touch and began creating websites for businesses at 15. He still does this as well as for his fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, and has designed all of their fliers and T-shirts for each recruiting season. He is on alumni status; however he still contributes.
He has been named one of the top Apple employees in Scottsdale and rated number 2 in customer satisfaction. Could he have done this all himself just via the program? No. I was a hands on Mom, divorced and running my own company; however I vowed to allow my very bright child to excel.
It is too easy to label children ADD or ADHD when indeed they are gifted and talented children. Don't let that label stick until you have had your school system test your child for special talent in academics. Most children act out when they are bored and too many would rather medicate them versus helping them excel. What a sad world.
Josh learned business from me as I've always been an entrepreneur. He has followed in my shoes and will be an independent in the marketplace once he graduates.
Taking our children by the hand and actively getting involved in their education creates brighter and more driven youth. These are the leaders of our future and we must work with their teachers and schools to ensure that they are achieving. Parents who throw things at their children, and don't look at their homework or grades don't deserve to have children, in my eyes. Same goes for parents who would medicate over having their children tested out academically.
YOU, as parents, are the only hope these children have. God gave us gifts to work with! Take back your power and odn't let your child fall into the ADD or ADHD category without testing as they may very well be bored.


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Tricia - posted on 11/01/2011




Amen, Tamara! And congratulations on raising such a wonderful son. A couple years ago, my son's 2nd grade teacher, who was out of the classroom most of the year on sick leave, said she thought our son had ADHD and was recommending that we talk to a doctor about medicating him. My husband and I couldn't believe that our son, who was always the top student in his previous classes, would have ADHD. There was also no way we would allow him to be medicated for ADHD. Turns out he was off the charts for Gifted and Talented. He is now in fourth grade GT classes with straight A's. Be careful not to label your child, especially based on one person's recommendation. You may just have brilliant child!!!

Rhonda - posted on 09/01/2011




Amen, Tamara. It's exciting to read all the great accomplishments your son has made. What a lucky guy to have such a wise and dedicated mom. My kids are 17, 15, and 11. Two are identified as gifted. I have also been a hands-on mom. I hope to one day be able to give my list of great accomplishments my kids have made too. You have become my new inspiration. Thanks

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