How do you get a Gifted Student to slow down and Focus

Patricia - posted on 05/11/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My now 10 year old daughter is having trouble in school with Focus and not following direction on school work witch is not helping her in class grades. Her Test scores are still off the Charts but her class work suffer due to the fact that she rushes and does not do extactly what the direction on that class work say's ....So if any one can give me some advice about how I can get her to slow down and pay attention to direction let alone Teacher's instruction. Thanks in advance.


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Anna - posted on 06/19/2010




My 6 year old has a similar problem...only with her she did amazing at school, she had all A's all year in 1st grade (a year ahead of schedule)...I have problems with her reading and stuff at home--she skips words, changes words or says a word that would make sense but not the words in the book. She loves to read and I hate correcting her all the time, but it's the teacher in me trying to get her to actually read the words on the page.

Kris - posted on 05/22/2010




Is it possible that she's bored? Having worked in schools, I have found that when a gifted child is bored, they tend to rush through because they have little interest in the topic. I would recommend talking with her teacher and finding out if he/she is willing to go the extra mile to challenge your daughter. All it takes sometimes is adding an extra task that would appeal to her more. She would still have to do the regular work, but when it was completed to the teacher's satisfaction, she could move on to the next level.

Carol - posted on 05/12/2010




My 9 year old had the same problem. He'd get solid A's on the work he actually did but he skipped at least a question or half the question on each test. I hated to be a perfectionist but I told him that if he skipped any more questions I'd take his video/computer time away (a fate worse than death for him). And then I followed through. It took about 2 times and suddenly he got A's. I was actually glad when he got a C on a test a few months later. It was on a subject he was having difficulty with. He was so relieved when I didn't punish him and we only worked on the stuff he needed to master. It really reinforced that it was the attention to detail I was after, not the grade.
Hope it helps.

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