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Christy - posted on 08/10/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son Michael is 11 years old. He is highly intellegent. In school he makes strait a's. He is in advance classes. My problem is this when he is not being challenged enough he gets board and he goes on htis you tube web site and finds stuff to do or make. Just last weekend he found how to make a pen into a bb shooter. I really need some advice about what kind of challenges I could give him to keep him from doing these things.


Cheryl - posted on 08/12/2010




I agree with Candi. Is he involved in any after-school stuff that challenges him ? (sports or music...?) My son is also quite bored at school, and I've started giving him a little extra at home. We do some chemistry and English. He complains about it beforehand, but while we're doing it he seems to really enjoy the extra attention and intellectual input. Of course, this demands more from you, and could be impossible if you work full-time... or have lots of other responsibilities.
Hope this helps.


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Laura - posted on 09/08/2010




Good advice about the computer usage so far! There is something you can do, however; YOU need to set the limits and expectations for the computer, not him! YouTube can be quite entertaining, but without supervision, kids can access inappropriate material. Create rules with consequences for breaking the rules and stick to it! He may test the rules to see if you are serious--be VERY serious! Perhaps some time without it is what is needed.

As for keeping him challenged: Are there any after school clubs or sports that he is interested in? Encourage him to look into some options at school. Even gifted kids need to participate is regular "stuff" like Scouts, sports, the YMCA, etc. My daughter joined the local Boys & Girls Club just to "hang out" and loves it! Parks departments often have classes or workshops at little or no cost that you could look into. Local museums, also, feature programs as well as libraries. Encourage him to find a hobby interest and help him get started (other than the computer!). Gifted kids don't always have to be challenged intellectually, but they do need to be kept active. Hope this helps and good luck!

Stephanie - posted on 09/07/2010




My children are younger, but we take turns picking what we want to learn about each week. My 5 year old wants to be an entomologist when he grows up, so there are a lot of lessons on insects. My 8 year old likes to learn about as many things as possible, so we get a pretty good variety of ideas from him. My (almost) 4 year old likes to learn about pretty much anything. She has had us look at everything from how to make slime out of glue to going on nature hunts to learn about her animal of the week. We also try to supplement the lessons they are learning in school with our little “expeditions.”

Kara - posted on 08/14/2010




I have a highly gifted 12 year old son. I really try to limit his use of the computer to play a lot of games or watch videos. I did hook him up on FB and monitor him very closely. On Facebook he can chat with his friends and relatives and play games like poker, chess and other games where can challenge even the adults. He gets to write his own stories as a goal to play on the computer and taking care of things outside. Children who are gifted need a constant guard and things to keep the things in thier heads moving. Not an easy job, but he will learn as time passes what are the best things he could be doing to help others and in turn help himself. Includeing being able to answer his own questions. Be firm with him but also be fair. He will overtake you if you don't lay down the law first then reward. We keep the computer in the living room and have it turned so there are no secrets of who is doing what at anytime.

Candi - posted on 08/10/2010




sorry to break it to you, but unless you take the computer away, there is nothing you can do. He is 11. He is at that age where curiosity will get the best of him. My son is also highly intelligent, advanced classes, and he is 11. Going on YouTube isn't for kids who are bored. Its for kids who are curious and wanting to see what kind of outrageous things they can find. When my son gets really bored, he will go on Hulu and watch documentaries. I did block YouTube from one of our computers b/c of the stuff on there. Try to limit his time on the computer and get him out of the house more. Good luck

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