Is my 6 year old gifted?

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You might be asked this question a lot. I get comments from different people saying Gifted and others Savant. My son said his first word "Kitty" at 6 months. A couple of weeks shy of being 1, he was holding a book that had the numbers 1-5. He grabbed the book from the table and turn it to its correct position and started saying the numbers he saw.

At 2, he knew the whole alphabet and it sounds. I could ask him any letter at random and he would tell me the sound. He also knew all his colors, shapes and people's names. He started reading, spelling, writting at 3. He had speech delay so I didn't think of much of it since one of my brothers also had it as a child. At 4 he was academically ahead of all the kids in his preschool. Hey lacked socialization and sometimes got frustrated in the class.

At 5, he would go on Google Earth and he would memorized the streets of our town and other surrounding towns. He is like a life GPS. He would give us different directions to how to get to a destination. He also memorized the 2008 calendar. You could ask him a date and he would give you the day it landed on without hesitation. 99% of the time correct. My friends have fun asking him a date, usually their birthdays. They freak out when they start asking random dates and he gives the correct answer. They always get their cell phone and check the calendar. He also knew how to read script at this age.

He is now 6 years old. He has always been a self learner. He loves the computer! He goes to YouTube and Goggle and searches for tutorials on how to do things. He has created computer programs using Visual Basic and other languages. One time his teacher said that the class computer wasn't working properly and they couldn't log in to fix it. So he went on it and fix it. We told her that he probably was playing around with the settings and change the password.

At 5 the school gave him an IQ test and the result was average but inconclusive. The reason is that he refused to answer simple questions. Like what's bigger a cat or mouse, letters of the alphabet, numbers, etc. The teachers said that his IQ could have been above average if he would have completed his test. Still I don't know if IQ tests are accurate at this age.

Sorry for the long post.


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Personally, i was the same way. I read the lord of the rings trilogy at the age of six, and at the same time started working with mathematical concepts taught in pre-algebra. However, both my iq test score was reflective of this (which i took last year). Now, as an eighth grader, I have begun to realize these things, and so i have gathered a sizable amount of information, regarding gifted, from a variety of sources (such as articles, and psychiatrists, among others). I've learned that it can be difficult to define, and characterize an individual as gifted because that is precisely what they are: an individual. Rarely do people quite fit the mold of gifted because everyone is a different person with different strengths and weaknesses. I would stress that you should accommodate his abilities and needs accordingly, just as they would be for anyone else. When working with gifted children, people tend to over-think things without ever really addressing that which should be addressed. If your son is capable of reading and writing at a higher level, then make sure he is given the opportunities to do so. From my own experiences, i always wanted to be treated normally, but to just have the added element of more challenging work, which i have now sought out. Use your better judgment, if he is happy do not push anything, but if he is not then intervene and make the necessary adjustments to allow him to obtain happiness (which is really the most important thing of all).

sorry, i just realized the name of this website was "circleofmoms" and that i was posting on my mom's account.


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Hi Deborah, thank you for all the information and link.  The site was very informative. I'll will definitely read more about it.

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I am responding with only book knowledge on this but this is what I got. First, I am taking a wild guess here but from the stuff you described and his intensity upon obtaining that information he is probably profoundly gifted. Terms like self-started and memorizing the entire calendar are major flags for profoundly. What you described about his test results and how he did in the process of the test is not shocking. The highly gifted child will get annoyed with such obvious questions and chose not to answer them. My suggestion is you seek out a tester that has experience working with the gifted. The tester have most likely experienced this type of reaction and have ways to work with it. This might mean you will have to pay out of pocket for it. There is a list of testers on hoagies website who are familiar with gifted.

But trust your gut. I mean I haven't even meet your child but from your short description of him I can tell he is gifted and am really sure he is highly gifted and even more so shows signs of being profoundly gifted. So you can push to have him retested next year but know the results might be identical especially if it is the same tester. Also to answer your question the ideal age is 8 yr. 0 mths. So your son is a little young but not that far off and I have heard that at 6 the data is usually close to the test at 8.

Hope that helps.

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I'm right there with you! My son David was able to write his entire name David Gabriel Chapkovich when he was 2 (He's now almost 6-1/2). He's always been in to making up his own games and he loves using his drawing pad. He's created books and stories. He even wrote a whole poem just for me as an early Valentine's Day present. Both teachers that he's had so far, Kindergarten and First Grade have both said he's extremely bright. He's in an excellerated math and spelling program this year and it's worked out well. I just emailed his guidance counselor and asked what measures had to be taken to have David tested for the gifted program for the next school year. We'll see what kind, if any, response I get. Good luck! :-)

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