Moving with a Gifted Child

Amy - posted on 01/14/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My name is Amy and I am the mother of a 5 1/2 year old son, Noah, and a 8 year old daughter, Ryan. We are expected to relocate from Virginia Beach to the Memphis area at the end of this school year. My husband is a Naval Officer and will be stationed in Millington. We are currently looking into areas in which to live.

Our daughter currently attends the citywide gifted public school. She was identified last year (1st grade) and was invited to attend this year (2nd grade). She is thriving in this wonderfully creative and unique environment. Infact, she has risen to top in the class. On top of being gifted she also struggles with anxiety and a bit of OCD. So, we are very concerned about uprooting her. We are very new to the world of gifted education and want to find her a school that will continue to challenge her.

My son seems to be following down the same path and would be tested next year if we were to remain here. Unfortunately, in Tennesse they don't test until 3rd grade.

so, does anyone have any suggestions about what to look for or even what questions to ask? I have researched the private schools in the area and they don't seem to offer much for the gifted student. So, I am leaning toward the GATE program in the public schools. Any help that you all can give would be wonderful!



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Below is a link to an article 'Finding the best school for your gifted child: Recommended questions to ask'. It is a great starting point and perhaps you will meet someone of the board from the area you are moving to that might have personal experience.


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Megan - posted on 01/19/2009




As far as the moving process. Have your kids help as much as possible with the process. If there are things of theirs thatthey can pack themselves you should let them. I moved a lot as a child and felt more comfortable about when I felt like I had a part in it. If you know your new addrss let your kid fill out cards with it on it so they can give to their friends before they leave. One thing that may hep when you look at schools; have a copy of their testing and grades with you so you can so the administrators at the new schools. They can't take your word that your kids are smart and can place them in the wrong classes until they get around to testing the kids with their tests. I can remember sitting in a remedial class for two weeks until the got around to esting me at my new school and realized that I needed to be in gifted. Also, some schools will do a screening on the first day your kids get to school and they may be nervous and therfore be placed in the wrong class. So, having paperwork that demonstrates your kids' ability will help make sure they can be put inthe right place.

Ghostdarlin - posted on 01/16/2009




My sister's children were in the GATE program and did extremely, extremely well. My daughter wasn't tested until 4th grade here in GA (where in our part of NY it wasn't until 6th) and has continued to excel.

I had a friend with OCD and it is difficult for those with an extreme case to deal with change. Keep as much familiarity around as possible(toys, books, beds, etc) and it will be a bit easier. Also, call the school for a tour when school is in session as well as a prior meeting with her teacher she will have. It helps the anxiety a lot. Moving state to state is so hard-my daughter still misses her old school even though she's happy with the one she has.

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