My 2 yr old and age appropriate toys

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Hello, everyone! I have a two year child that is extremely gifted. By the time he was 7 months old he had a vocabulary of over a hundred words. It wasn't soon after he learned his colors. I could go on and on. As of right now my child turned 2 in July. He knows the entire United States map, abc's, 123's in english and spanish and so forth. Sometimes when i am talking to him, I feel like i am having an adult conversation, with some of the vocabulary he uses. But the crazy thing about it is that it takes him a very short time to catch onto different things. I, being his mother, never pressured him to do any of these things, as it seemed to my son as a bunch of games that mommy and daddy were playing with him. The question that I would like to ask being that my child is only two. now dont get me wrong he can still act like a two year old, but what are some age appropriate toys for my child. He is still only a two year old but when i buy age appropriate toys for him he gets bored with them within a couple of days. also, i feel anything that i do buy that is educational he already knows and its a waste of money. Im so lost..


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You have to completely disregard any age guidelines on toys. Obviously consider the safety of small pieces, his ability to use them (some require finer motor skills), etc., but for the most part, just look for things that he's interested in. I would recommend puzzles, duplo blocks (my 3yo is still happy building with them instead of the tiny ones) paints/markers and an easel, preschool board games. Also go to an educational store and think about what his ability level is and find what they have for that level. I often find it helpful if I just say "my son is interested in math and has started doing multiplication, what should I get?" and just don't mention his age. Then I can decide from their recommendations what is appropriate based on his actual age. Hope that helps a little.

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I know this may sound simple but my 2 yr olds favorite thing is a journal. She really enjoys trying to write her name and letters. I know generally people don't attempt writing at such a young age but it doesn't hurt to try with these little smarties:) She really has caught on and it makes her feel like a big girl. As far as toys I have just expanded on her interests which doesn't always fall in the 2 and under range. But she's not a stick a toy in her mouth ever so I have no concerns about the recommended range.


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I agree with Rebekah - that is exactly what I have had to do with Aiden. Forget the age things as it will never apply again :p You can get some awesome write and wipe books, hard board books from Priddy on space and the body (for ages 5+), computer games are a sure winner as well as buying you some time and space to breathe. Board games that involve turns, counting, matching things are all great! I also find that Aiden much prefers the games I make up for us to play as a source of learning over anything else.

best of luck and welcome to the club :D

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