overexcitabilities and learning styles

Jen - posted on 12/10/2008 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have 3 kids, each are very different in their over excitabilities and learning styles. I am wondering if anyone else is dealing with multiple children who could easily belong to different families because they have so little in common! I find myself teaching or explaining things 3 times in 3 ways and am so glad i opted out of homeschooling, but any tips to help deal with this, would be welcomed! If they didn't look so much alike i would swear they were not related!

7 year old -Visual + most of the excitabilities
5 year old - tactile + psychomotor, sensual
3 year old - auditory + imaginational. sensual, emotional


Mikie - posted on 12/18/2008




Let me see...
I have 4 kids with 4 totally different brains. I don't like all the technical jargon so I'll just tell you about each of them
Paul, almost 16, is very verbally minded. He learns best by reading. He can memorize anything but doesn't get abstract concepts easily. Sensitive to sound. He used to be very overexcitable but outgrew it. Actually, he's starting to finally do well.
Billy, 13, is more abstract and musical. He learns by hearing and doing. He is extremely stubborn/willful.
Ethan, 5, is my enigma. I'm not completely sure what's up with him. He is so overly emotional. He is my emo teenager. I think his mind is the most abstract. I think he actually learns everything in 3D.
Lexi, 3, is all brain. She is very auditory. She learned her alphabet but watching PBS. She is also my most sensitive. She isn't excitable. She shuts down and gets shy and quiet easily.
They are all sensitive to sleep. That is the one thing we try to stress here. Other than that, it's just coping strategies.

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