my sons still jelious of his younger brother..need advise

Maria - posted on 09/02/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




my oldest son is 18 months old, i just had a baby 5 weeks ago, i thought my son was getting use to the idea of having a younger brother but it looks like he isn't he throws things at him and finds ways to hurt him when im not looking, any advise on what i can do?


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Tassia - posted on 09/10/2010




I was concerned about this when I was pregnant so I spent time reading books with my daughter about having a little sister, being a big sister and being gentle with her, as soon as I found out I was pregos. I played with her "baby" with her and showed her how to be gentle. This helped because she loved the baby from the time she came home. I would try to get him involved with little things like Sarah says, he can help with diaper changes by bringing the diaper or holding the wipes or with bath time by getting the towel or soap.

This will help him feel like he is a part of the equation, he would not feel left out. My daughter would bring me the diapers, the wipes and the A&D then trow out the dirty diapers, I never asked her to do this, but it made her feel like she is helping. She does crazy things sometimes, like jump on her to hug her I calmly explain to her that she is big and the baby is small so she has to be gentle. My oldest just turned 2 on 9/5/10 and my baby is 6 months old. But they are both have easy personalities, I think that is a big part of how they react to different situations.

Sarah - posted on 09/03/2010




my oldest son was jealous of his younger son when he was born 9 weeks ago, he wouldnt throw stuff or try to hurt him but he started reverting back to babyhood to try and get attention and he kept telling me to put dylan down when he was screaming to play with him, i had him help with bathing him, changing him, washing his bottles (he was in charge of putting them in the water to rinse them and he could make the biggest plop of them he wanted to see how big they splashes) then when he naps i spends time with him playing board games and puzzles (he's 4) also when im feeding dylan bradley runs into his bedroom grabs a book and climbs up next to me to read it to him so hes still feeling loved. also my fiancee is away for work for 3 weeks out of a month so when hes home he get up with bradley takes him out to breakfast at mcdonalds, then goes fishing for the day and comes back around supper, just daddy and son time which he looks forward to every month. We have not had a single problem since we started with this with him, he now loves his little brother. Hope this helps

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