Potty Training My 26 Month Old Son

Whitney - posted on 02/25/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is not able to communicate verbally yet as he just had tubes put in and is still trying to play catch up in his vocabulary so my husband and I have never really pushed him into doing anything that would require a lot of communication like potty training, or going to special restaurants (and behaving). But I'm now 24 weeks pregnant and due in June. I would like to start potty training my son now so if it does become a long process we still have some time.

My son absolutely will not have it. He won't sit down on the seat when we tried and he can't stand up because of course, he doesn't know to aim. We have two older sons (7 and 5 years old) and he used to be really interested in watching them and trying but now he's not.

How can we start working on this now even though he cannot communicate with us as well as most children do when they potty train? Any suggestions?


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Jennifer - posted on 03/02/2010




well I would back off if he is really hating it right now, wait a week and try again. but I have also heard that if you potty train and then have a new baby that often the child will regress (sp?) and start "needing" a diaper again. my son is 28 months and had a pretty dry day yesterday and then today he's had like 4-5 accidents. ah well, we love them !! good luck

Alexandria - posted on 03/02/2010




I would suggest putting a very small amount of food coloring in the toilet ... i know this sounds weird, but what happens when they pee in the toilet is the food coloring changes color again. This is fun to see the colors and also helps them aim. A freind of mine has also put cheerios in toilet to help make it more fun to aim lol.

My son was not fully potty trained until he turned 3, he had the peeing down quickly but was hard for him to do the poops (but we leant he was lactose intollerant and therefore had to go all the time and was very hard to tell because sometimes it would just feel like gas lol). Your situation sounds like a difficult one, but i would not ask him to sit as this frustrated my son, all he wanted to do was stand ... we bought him a little stepping stool that he got to decorate with stickers (rather than a potty) and then he would use this to be a little higher up to help him with the aiming thing. He caught on quickly and like watching the water change color, maybe get your older sons involved with showing him how the water changes when he pees in it. Its worth a try anyways ..... good luck!

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