Quad Blood Screening

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My doctor scheduled me for a quad blood screening in two weeks. I did not get this blood test with either of my boys. After doing some research, I am concerned about the chances of a false positive. My husband and I would not consider terminating the pregnancy, even if the baby had a serious disease. What have you done in your pregnancy? What are the cons of not having the blood work done?


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Andriana - posted on 10/25/2009




If you are NOT over the age of 35 I do not recommend getting this done. Chances for a false positive are about 40% and most insurance companies do not pay for this test.

Bridget - posted on 10/24/2009




I chose to do the quad blood screen because my doctor recommended it & my insurance covered it. My result was okay, no false postive. However, since I would not terminate my pregnancy under any condition, if my insurance wouldn't have paid for it I wouldn't even have done it. The quad screen is more accurate than the triple screen (less false positives). The cons of not having the screen done would be 1.) not being prepared for a down syndrome baby or 2.) not being able to have fetal surgery to help correct spina bifida.

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