Second Labour Compared to First?!?!?!?!

Jessica - posted on 04/09/2010 ( 14 moms have responded )




So our second daughter is due late July and while I know every labour is different I am looking for an idea of what to expect this time around. Is it true that the second labour is generally faster and easier? I was induced with our first daughter (waters broken) and my labour was 1hour 53minutes TOTAL! Given I live half an hour away from the nearest hospital Im considering being induced again as I dont want to risk having the baby at home or on the side of the road.
Please share your stories!
Oh and for those who are curious as to the size of the first born and if that effected my labours duration, Marlie was 7pounds 11 ounces, 51cm in length and had a head circumference of 35cm!
Thanks in advance.


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My first one took FOR-EVER!!! I was in labor (hard labor) for about 12 hrs and then I had to push his line-backer shoulders out for about 30 min. My 2nd totally different story. I sneezed and there he was. I was only in hard labor for about 2.5 hrs that time and he took two pushes-one for the head and the rest for his little body and they were only off in weight by a few oz. So anyone's guess is just as good as to how your next one will come into the world. My third will be here the end of July and I'm worried I won't make it to the hospital either, which is also about 30 min away. Good luck hun....all of us moms need it =-)

Melody - posted on 05/19/2010




Its hard to say for me. My first labor started naturally and I was dilated to 5 by the time I got to the hospital, but I labored for a total of 25 hrs. I was also 5 days late and my son was born 7lbs 6 oz. My second labor I was also 5 days late but had to be induced due to low amniotic fluid. They began my induction at 5pm with cervadil and after 33 hrs he was finally born at 8 lbs 13.6 oz. Pain wise they were both the same, except I knew what to expect so I was in better control of what was going on around me and not much made me nervous. I just went with the flow. Its really a crap shoot how your labor will turn out. I never dreamed I would have to be induced due to a medical complication. Also both my kids were born with cords around their neck. Thats actually very common. My first son was crying before he was even out. Was pink and perfect. My second son was not breathing when he came out and was blue/purple/grey and it took them a minute to get him going. After that he was pink and perfect all over.


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Sarah - posted on 05/29/2010




My first labor was 15 1/2 hours.I got the epidural and it worked great. I went in the night of my due date and my son was born the next afternoon (on Nov. 4th, 2007) at 1:34 pm... My labor with him was really hard. I pushed for 3 1/2 hours (after 2 1/2 hours my dr suggested a c-section, but i didnt want one) After 3 1/2 hrs passed, his heart rate was dropping a lot and it had already been 12 hrs since my water broke which increases the risk of infection to the baby. My dr gave me one last chance with the help of the suction to have the baby, if he wasn't born i was gonna be rushed for an emergency c-section. That was what i needed, with their help and that final push my baby boy was born. He was 7 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long.. I needed stitches with him, i had a second degree tear. But he had bigger problems, he spent his first week and half in the NICU battling a brain hemmorage and menengitis. He is now 2 1/2 and relatively healthy

My 2nd baby had a much easier delivery, I went in exactly one week before my due date. I had been contracting all night, but they weren't as bad and i could sleep between them, I went in the next morning and i was dialated to 3 cm. I went to the hospital at 11 am, I got the epidural and it didnt work so i felt everything. I pushed for a total of 14 minutes and my baby girl was born wieghing 7 lbs 0 oz and 19 inches long. She made her arrival the day before thanksgiving (Nov. 25th, 2009) at 3:58 pm. I only needed one stitch and she was healthy enough to go home. Upon further testing we found out that she has 3 heart problems.

The thing that i think is funny is that with my 1st baby the pregnancy was really easy and delivery was hard. With my 2nd pregnancy was really hard and delivery was easy :)

Kelly - posted on 05/28/2010




Ha you asked the question ive been wanting to ask.
Im due in 4weeks with my 2nd and i dont think anything would be beter then my first labour.
I was 2weeks over and that high on the gas that i slept through the contractions and woke up fully dilated and within 5mins i had my baby boy... was like a 5hr labour too so yeah if this one is going to be faster im a little worried about that and the fact i wont be high on gas this time either.
My son was 7lb 14oz, 55cm and head was about 35cms too so yeah my m/w says this one will be a little smaller so *fingers crossed* this one goes ok

Good luck for you

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my 1st was 2 weeks late. i was induced, had epidural at start then more drugs to have forceps. my girl weighed 9pd 9oz and went home 2 days later having no complications. with my 2nd, a boy, weighing 7pd 10oz. i thought i would go to hospital have an epidural and give birth as normal as the first time but it wasnt so and i had a few complications. starting with the doctor trying to insert the epidural a couple of times and failing. and even 5 months later have got back problems. and so i ended up having no pain relief, him then having the cord around his neck, having an infection from the placenta which the doctors still dont know exactly what it was, and then needing extra oxygen. was pretty upsetting seeing everyone working on him then taking him to the special care unit and not being able to hold him. and we had to stay in hospital for a week. was pretty hard with my partner and little girl at home they came in every day to see me then having to leave at night.

so advice would be not to expect too much, just have a basic birth plan like who your support person is, if you want pain relief, that stuff etc

hope all goes well for you

Jennifer - posted on 05/24/2010




I'm worried about the same thing. My first labor was 2 1/2 hours and we live 45 minutes from the hospital. I hope the 2nd one isn't any more difficult, but at the same time, if it's any shorter, we won't make it to the hospital.

Jane - posted on 05/19/2010




mine were different as far as type of labor; i had back labor (oy!) w/our first and just constant, progressive pain b/w my legs w/the 2nd. i think they were about the same timewise, just w/the 2nd i didn't get in the car as quickly. i took my time. but everyone is different. i'd go to the hospital when you feel you should even if you hang out in the waiting room, at least you're already there.

good luck!

Tammee - posted on 05/19/2010




My second labour was a breeze in comparison to my first! Both babies same length and weight. Labour first time round was a nightmare but I guess second time round I knew what was coming and was able to focus better and also stay calm and cool! My son(#1) was a long and scary experience were he was also born with the cord around his neck, I had an alergic reaction to the pethadine and took a while for my son to breathe. My daughter was more like one of those scenes from a movie. It was almost a magical experience. Although labor was the same length of time I seemed to cope better. So much so that when my daughter turned 3 months we started trying again and are now expecting number three in October

Jessi - posted on 04/19/2010




with my first I went naturally(aged 18 at time)with contractions but had my waters broken.Labour was about 9 hours in total,Amber was 7 pound 10 ounces,51cms and 35cm head.She also came a day before her due date.11 months and 3 weeks later we had Lilly who is our second daughter and my labour began 4 days early,started 630pm,was 5cm dialated when checked at 730pm at hospital,the midwife broke my waters at 930pm and I had her at 1030pm.She was 7 pound 6 ounces,48cms and 34cm head.21 months later we had Heidi who is our third daughter she came on her due date-labour started 8pm-got to hospital at 830,checked to be 5cm already...waters broke on own at 1130pm,and she was born at 1215am.She was 7 pound 8 ounces and 48cms long,34 cm head.

Now due on 4th June with 4th child,a boy-and he is measuring large for date(the girls didnt)and already 4/5 engaged and I am 33 weeks 4 days along.

Amber took me 2 hoursof pushing to get her head out,but i had no pain relief and didnt want to tear so had massage to help ease it,and it worked,no tearing.Lilly took me 5mins of pushing to get her out,and Heidi was 2 pushes.Hope it goes well for you.Jess 22,Amber 4,Lilly 3,Heidi 18 months and Oliver due 4th June.

Robena - posted on 04/14/2010




Hi Jessica... my 2nd labour was definately faster and easier. First baby (Jacob) weighed 8lb3 and took 36hours, then 2nd baby (Rebecca) weighed 9lb7 and took only 2hours...i'm guessing the next baby (girl) who is due in 12 weeks will weigh in at around 10lb and be born on the way to hospital lol

Kirstie - posted on 04/14/2010




my 1st was a 6 hour labour and weighed 7lb 9oz, didnt really notice my waters going and she was a week late, my second which i had just 14 months later (1st march 2010) was a 2hr labour, with only 12 mins of pushing! my waters broke in hospital, just one day after my due date, lucy was born an hour after waters broke weighing 7lb 11oz, if my waters had broke in the car i definately wouldnt have had time to get to hospital, as she followed straight out! 2nd birth was definately more relaxed n less painful contractions didnt even get to full strength, the only painful bit was naturally delivering the placenta, thought id try it without having the injection to help!!! was goin ok till mw ripped placenta then they had to dive in with thier hands and check there was no membrane left inside me, last thing u want after pushing a baby out hey!!! lol

Kirstie, Mia 15months and Lucy 6 weeks xx

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My first labour was 18.5hrs and they broke my waters with her she was 8 days late and weighed 7lb 14ozs 53cms, 35head circumference she is now 4.. my son was 4 days late they broke my waters with him and my labour was 3.5 hours he was 7lb 2oz and 35hc he just turned 1.. labour its self was quicker but i found more painful the second time so i was glad to be at the hospital already.. im a bit worried this time though, im 23 weeks with twins now so anything could happen.

Joelle - posted on 04/13/2010




Ha. I'm worried about the same thing. I didn't feel my earlier contractions. I went to one of my check ups and my midwife told me to get over to the hospital because i was having good contractions and was 4cm dialated. from the time my water broke (when i actually felt the contractions) untill my daughter was delivered it was 20 min. Our hospital is 35 min away. If I don't feel anything again, the is no way I'll make it, esp. if labor is faster. I've decided my best bet is to just call an ambulance, if I think i need one, or even might need one. I've also wondred if my midwife would want to just induce on a planned day so that there are no surprises this time around. Good Luck to you!

Ashleigh - posted on 04/10/2010




Sorry, this will be my 2nd so I'm not sure how much faster yours will be. I know I am hoping for a shorter labor this time around. My first was 22 of hard labor, (after breaking my water), and I was technically contracting for 2 days. So I'm hoping for under 15 hours. My son was 7lbs 15oz and 22 inches.

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