Do you have a curfew for snacking at night?

Lisa - posted on 10/23/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My oldest is almost 13. I was just wondering if anyone has a curfew for snacking at night? My husband and I are at odds with this maybe of our different up brings. I feel that it's okay if he's staying up and watching a movie and it's in moderation. Would to know what others do. Thanks!


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Annabelle - posted on 08/02/2012




Yes! My kitchen closes at 8:00PM unless it's a family movie night or something special. With 5 kids there would never be any food left in the house if I let them eat at all hours/times. This summer I have had to impose VERY strict meal/eating/snacking rules so that the weeks groceries actually last ALL week. Not to mention, it isn't good for any of us to eat late and then go to bed or lay around watching TV. And once the kitchen is cleaned/dishes done I am not doing again. I want the kids to learn that food is for when you're hungry not when you're bored.

Dana - posted on 02/29/2012




My daughter (12 1/2) has scheduled meal & snack times throughout the day. We all pretty much follow this regime; it's best for the body so you have no sugar/energy lows & highs. Breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner, dessert (sometimes), and optional snack before brushing her teeth for bed. She has a 9p lights out on school nights & a 930p-10p lights out on weekends/holidays/summer (at home; obviously, her friends' parents may have different rules at their homes... that's fine). So, if she's hungry, she'll eat something before 8p so she can get her teeth brushed, contacts out, read a few chapters, etc before she heads to bed.

Adrienne - posted on 02/04/2012




My daughter is 13 and has many times eaten (and made herself) mac & cheese, noodles, pizza, etc. as late as 11 or 12 at night. She is also very active so I am not concerned with weight. The way I look at it is if I was hungry I'd eat so why deniy my child food? Hope this helps. :)

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