Who Plays The Most Mind Games At Your House?


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Annabelle - posted on 08/02/2012




ME too! It's my way or the highway. I was their ages not to long ago so they aren't getting away with anything no matter how hard they try---and oh yes they do try. But Mama knows everything and is prepared. :)

Jennifer - posted on 03/23/2012




we dont really play mind games i mean my son knows he cant lie he's the only kid in the house he thinks if he lies to much he WILL GO TO HELL lol and if he miss behaves he gets all his toys put in the COLD dark garage lol

Julie - posted on 01/05/2011




i play the most mind games in my house. i never let the kids get the upper hand because if i did that i might as well have thrown in the towel years ago. kids forget we have 20 odd years more experience at life than they do so i can always play the game better than them. the word CRAFTY MOM has a completely different meaning to me

[deleted account]

My oldest plays the most mind games, but all 3 do at times. My favorite (and I guess I must be a little twisted) is when they're all in trouble or they're all up to no good, because they strategize together.
I love that it bonds them albeit in a backhanded sort of way. I hear things like, "OK, You go distract Mom. Tell her how much you love her or something.(said to the youngest) I'll sneak into the kitchen and get the fruit snacks, (said by the oldest) and you, (said to the middle child) you be look out."
I kid you not.
I get such a kick out of it that I let them pull it off sometimes.

Jennifer - posted on 05/07/2010




In my house it is called the blame game. None of my three kids are good at it! So I have a saying in my house that goes like this. WHEN IN DOUBT,PUNISH THEM ALL! So I tell them they have a choice, either come clean and tell me who did it,or they all are getting punished. They usually all end up in a corner or grounded. depends on the severity of what they did. But it works most of the time!!!

Lisa Owens - posted on 02/04/2010




This really isn't mind games - it's blatant lying. I've already decided DD won't ever be a successful criminal, since it's so easy to see thru her stories - but she still does it! And even if she's called on it, she stands by her story. For example - I found a pair of her undies in the laundry, she'd cut them up into a thong. Honestly I thought it was kind of funny, it was an old pair so I didn't care anyway. But I asked her what was up with them, she tried to tell me she was testing a pair of scissors to see how well they'd cut cloth for a project. Then tried to claim it was totally random pieces she cut out. Oh no. There's a huge different between random cuts in cloth and underwear with only the butt cheeks cut out!! She swore up and down it was random, even after I told her I knew she was lying and she could stop the whole conversation.

I just don't understand why she lies about stuff when it is so obvious it was her. She's the only kid in the house and I doubt the cats or dog would leave empty Splenda packets in her book shelf or half-empty Coke cans in her dresser drawers. Guess she doesn't realize it just makes her look like a dork!

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