Moms of Young adults with a Cancer Diagnosis

My daughter Tori Riley is 24 years old and after months of being treated for GURD we were able to get an ultrasound of the gallbladder and what they found was shocking to everyone. She was then sent for an MRI and they found a very large tumor along with many smaller ones. 7 Biopsies were done and they were found to be cancerous and came from the colon. She then had a colonoscopy and the tumor was found along with several polyps. The polyps were removed. It is mestasized colon cancer, stage 4. They said The future treatment could include removal of the tumor in the colon and the tumors in the liver but they first have to shrink the tumors. Then during a P.E.T. scan they found spots on her lungs and now say she is not operable. She has just had 9 round of Chemo. The same day we found out about her cancer, my son left to basic training for the army. They are very close. My daughter just finished school and was to start her new job when we found out. She has living expenses, doctor bills, student loans and she can’t work right now. We are raising money to take care of her living expenses and help pay for her treatments in Atlanta which cost $2,500 a week plus airfare, hotel and car rental. These hospitals are out of our insurance network. Any help that you could offer would be appreciated. She is now on her 2nd week of treatments here in Atlanta. Please pray for my daughter Tori, her fiance' Jim, my son Angelo and our whole family. She will need the support of family, friends and kind people like you. What would you be willing to do if it was your child? Thank you, Mom of a beautiful young lady. Find out more at my daughters website I am looking to connect to other mothers who are helping their adult kids.