Moms on Active Duty

moms who are serving on active duty in the Armed Forces; topics of discussion & concern include Moving the Family... Again, Finding Good Schools at Your New Duty Station, Caring for Your Kids While You're Deployed, Preparing Your Kids for Your Deployment, ...



tryin too move daughters schools has anyone else had problems with same situration


home from deployment

I have been home from my deployment for about two months now but my daughter is still as clingy as the day I first came home and it has seemingly got worse as of late. I dont...


pre scool

Hi there my daughters been going preschool for a while and really enjoys it but recently we have moved and were quite far from it and its costing me a fortune in taxis as i dont...


career vs. children

Does anyone ever feel guilty about choosing to be in the miliary and have a career that could potentially send you away from your children? Im prior acvite, currently in the...