How to deal with a conflict between mother or father?

Patricia - posted on 11/03/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have two boys, 16 year old and a 8 year old one, and they are living separatedly, one with me , the older, and the yougest with their father. We are living in a constant fight, me and his father,( who has just another child) . For me things have been very difficult, and I am saying about material and emotional sides. I am artist and have no job, and at this moment I just want to meditate, not feeling that I am really able to care of me or anyone, so one day I said that It'd better if they could live with their father, and since then Gabriel, who is the oldest decided that would do that. And sonce then, I am feeling very sad, because I have no chance and dont know waht the proper words to talk with him. Besides I know that they, their father, wants to take them from me, and I am afraid of all of this. Both of them go very well in school, the problem is this familiar desarmony. Or maybe my aow desarmony, since I am the only one who is facing problems with living this life. Iam going to scholl to have a conversation and maybe a little help, maybe, talk with a lawer, but the thing is that I have no money to hire a lawer, or to struggle for my kids. Thanks for all, Patrícia


Carolyn - posted on 11/06/2011




start to do positive things such as taking that step to get a job...once you do that and then the focus is on something besides what you do not have then you can set goals to accomplish the things you want. You take one step forward each day even when you do not feel like it...just keep doing the right thing and you will see the results

JuLeah - posted on 11/03/2011




You sound depressed - are wise to see that yourself. Can you get help for that? Deal with that, and my guess would be that other things will fall into place


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