My Children Are Older, 22, But ... They Miss Their Father.

Tammy - posted on 01/27/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello All ... Thank You for your time in reading this.

My husband of nearly 30 years SHOCKED US (a year ago) by saying that he was in love with my boss and wanted a divorce. From that second on ... his personality did a 360 degree turn ... he went from being the GREATEST GUY ON EARTH to BAT SH*T CRAZY ... he locked us out of our home, emptied the bank accounts, emptied the air out of my car tires, stole my daughters bedroom furniture, and flipped out in divorce court (they had to escort him out of the building) when the judge ordered him to pay alimony & other costs associated with his twins, until they turn 26.

His behavior has been COMPLETELY & UTTERLY not like him, AT ALL. I have questioned a brain tumor, many many times. NO ONE, who knew him, his whole life, BELIEVES any of this.

Why I am here ... He has NOT spoken to his daughters (Twins, 22) in over a year (when this all started). They have tried to contact him in every possible way. Text messages, Phone calls, Emails, Letters, Cards. Once, he DID pick up the phone (for his one daughter), and when she said "Hi Dad!" he hung up on her. She was crushed. Both girls are just devastated. I don't know HOW to help them deal with this. I don't know WHAT to say to them. As I, too, am trying to deal with losing the love of my life.

Just to note, he also has refused to follow any of the Judges Orders (in regards to them) so he is $6000 in arrears (and I was told I need to file a motion, to return to court with him, which I just don't have the strength to do ... right now).

In your opinion, HOW do you just flip a switch and "X" everything you EVER KNEW from your life??? How do you close your eyes/heart to YOUR CHILDREN?!?!?!?!?!? He just (seemingly) woke up one day and WALKED AWAY from EVERYTHING ... his wife, kids, home, job & dog. ALL OF THE THINGS that I believed meant the world to him. I don't GET IT and I don't know how to EXPLAIN IT to my girls.

I'd love your thoughts. Thank you!!!

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