Back 2 School= Back 2 Drama

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Ever went to Back- to School - Night and have it turned into a Jerry Springer Show? Not fun!!! Who benefits form that? Not the kid that’s for sure. Now I just want to hold him, cry and throw-up. Someone help me understand so I can help him, and tell me it ends somewhere, somehow. Please

Had a third party family member show up and start cussing, accusing and assaulting to the point that everyone was escorted out of the school??

Is there a program that helps with that? This person actually, physical grabbed the child and engaged in a tug-a -war. Pulling him forcefully away.


Kristy - posted on 09/03/2009




The child is my 13 year old step son; the 3rd person is his maternal Grandma who has shared legal custody with his father.

It was during his father’s court parenting time and they share all educational/extra-curricular decision making.

We had the boy in group n individual counseling programs with the school social worker n psychologist. But Grandma pulled the plug. Wants Dad to pay for private counseling of her choosing. She doesn’t want the school involved, or anything on the boy’s record.


Weds is Dads’ dinner night anyway. And was back 2 school night. We were with the 1st teacher, talking and Gma walked by n freaked. Started cussing out Dad n Me. Grabbed the boy n pulled him into a closet in the classroom more than once.

Grandma- had told the boy not to tell Dad about back to school night and that we were not suppose to go. And to tell us the he did not want us to go.

Teacher called principle and walked us out side, then took boy into office, I walked away form threats n slander.

Asst. Principal Took gma up stairs to next class, we were supposed to be on the other end of the room. But the boy n I were both shaking n sick, so I said we should go get ice cream n Dad could set up a privet time to meet the teachers.

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