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Mikki - posted on 03/22/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello guys. I'm a mother of two and a 27 year old divorcee. I was diagnosed with FMS after my daughter, now 7, was born in 2003. After that, things just kept going wrong. My body betrayed me at an alarming rate. As a child, I was never sick but wanted to be so that I could stay home from school. Now, I can't remember when I didn't feel pain last. My Dad is pushing me to apply for at least partial disability. I'm being very stubborn about it for the simple fact that I feel I'm too young. I know that there are so many things wrong with my body, but I keep fighting against them.

I watched a show last night that got under my skin unlike anything had before. The episode of "Undercover Boss" showed a woman working in a factory. I didn't mind this and I thought, "I could so easily do that!" I was inspired and for a split second, I was going to add that type of work to my job seeking repertoire. Then it hit me. I remembered when I'd worked that hard last. I remembered how much I'd hurt that night and the days after. Not day, but days. It struck me that, if I get a job like that, the issue wouldn't be physical strength. The issue would be pain tolerance. I would be able to get the job done. But at the end of the day, the pain would start to hit me. The next day, it would hit me fully and I'd be biting it back with everything I had... just trying to get up and go to work.

After maybe a week of that, I may not be able to even move anymore. My mother, God rest her, suffered with this kind of mind-numbing pain until she died. This pain controls every aspect of my life. They've had to put me on Dilaudid because of it... just so that I can get basic housework done. When looking for a job, even waitressing is beginning to look like a bit more than I think my body could handle. It's not that it's too much of a physical strain... but, isn't it? People would think, "She's lazy. She's only 27!" But try telling them that I have fibromyalgia, a back that's eating itself slowly, arthritis throughout my body... and let's see if they can look at me without calling me that lovely word that we've all heard: hypochondriac. But it's all written in my medical file. It's official. I didn't go looking for these things. They found me... and they're killing me... taking me over... no matter how much I fight them, they're here... and I'm 27. How do I deal with this?


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Rochelle - posted on 05/15/2010




38 years old have pseudotumor cerebri and cerebri and chairi diseases which means my brain is bring squished down into my necck their is way go much fluid on the brain i get ssi i am not aloud to lifted nothing over a gallon of milk so do not fill bad you need it you are some one who deserves it their are people out here that got it and they are working well they do not need it give it to someone who needs it go for it your chilren need you stay strong

Dr. Peggy - posted on 04/23/2010




What you have discovered is FM's Push then Crash. I don’t know why this is so, but if I push one day (do more than normal, exercise a great deal, don’t rest in the middle of the day, whatever), the next day I crash. I can’t get going or even out of bed. Those become bathrobe days. Nowadays, I try to plan for this. Busy day, slow day. Kind of like dealing with a baby. You just can’t keep pushing and pushing your baby without having to deal with a meltdown sooner or later.

“Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain state in which the nerve stimuli causing pain originates mainly in the muscle. Hence the increased pain on movement and the aggravation of fibromyalgia by strenuous exertion.”

Now sometimes, for me ‘strenuous exertion’ is shopping or sitting at the computer too long writing. For a type A doer, this has been hard. I learned if I overdo, I hurt or have a flare or am in a major fatigue state. You know about Push then Crash. You described it beautifully. When you are job hunting, you will need to remember that that is the reality of your body now.

One of places I got a lot of my information when I was diagnosed was the National FM Organization. Great website at pagename=fibromyalgia_science or just They deal with all the elements of this including going to work and going on disability . There also is lots of information on finding fbro friendly drs., support groups and the newest meds and other treatments including holistic ones. Hope this helps.

Audrey - posted on 04/07/2010




Hi Mikki. Nice to meet you here in the Circle of Moms. Sorry to hear that you ve been in pain for so long. I m from Singapore and I too suffer from chronic backaches due to a slip disc in my lower lumbar and shoulderaches due to a bad fall in March 2009. I do know what it is like to be in constant pain even though I dont have FMS.

I Just joined this group. Anyway, in JUly 2009, a friend of mine introduced me to this organic health supplement from the US and it has not only helped me but also a lot of others with chronic pain.

For myself, after taking the supplements for the first week, my pain is gone and I am off painkillers. My aunty who is due for a knee surgery but is afraid of the surgery, has been housebound for over 2 years and is on painkillers daily. We brought her the supplements and after 3 days, she called us to thank us as she is painfree and is able to go shopping for the first time in 2 years.

Besides helping to reduce inflammation in the joints, the supplements also help boost my immune system which results in lesser colds and flus in my family. I ve just turned 50 last year.

These nutritional supplements are all natural with no fillers and binders and is produced in a FDA registered factory in the US. That is why I m taking them. There is a lady in our group who also suffered from Fibromyalgia just like you and in 3 weeks after taking these supplements, she is pain free.

If you are interested, do drop me an email at and I ll send you the link and some one to talk to in the US.

Stay strong for your daughter - she needs you! After all, you are still young. Don't let pain control you and what you can or cannot do.

Take care and God Bless. Audrey

Heather - posted on 03/22/2010




I am so sorry. Stay strong! I know it is hard to do, I am in pain everyday too. I sometimes feel like I have lost my mind, and I know some people think I have. Don't feel bad for applying, I am only 20 and I did. I was denied, but I am going to appeal it. Just give everyday your all! Who cares if you are on take Tylenol or the strongest pain killer known to man, Do what you have to to get through the day and be there for your children. Best of wishes!

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