Seeking info on natural means of dealing with chronic pain and raising a gifted and low frustration tolerance only boy child age 8...


Tammie - posted on 04/01/2009




Hi Amy. My name is Tammie and after over 10 years of being in pain I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Although at the time I was diagnosed it was called numerous different variations of that title. I was placed on 13 different meds 3X a day to handle all the different 'complication' all that pain caused. It got to be a horrific cycle and then the side effects started in. The only option I had left to take the edge off my pain of narcotics. With multiple kids one of whom has cp that just wasnt an option. A friend introduced me to OPC3 and Glucosatrin. I was beyond skeptical but I figured what the hell as it couldnt get any worse. I improved so much I was off ALL meds within 1 month. These are not walmart priced supplements and I couldnt afford them so I did what I think alot of people do. I joined the company to get them at wholesale. My site is but while I would love to provide the products for you I just want you to do the research and try them. I honestly feel they saved my life. The pain was so bad I was suicidal. I have also been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis and bi-polar with severe anxiety disorder. The Glucosatrin is what I take for pain and I take high levels of Omega 3s for my mood issues. When anxiety or bi-polar flairs I bump up my Omega 3s and I level back out. I hope this helps. For more info on products you can look them up on You have nothing to lose and your life to gain back. I did. Best Wishes!!!!!

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