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its unfortunate that this one even has to exist. My issue has to do with chronic lower back pain as a result of degenerative arthritis, hoping I might find some useful information.


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Lisa - posted on 01/05/2009




I suffer from lower back pain also and there was no evidense of any injury but it was injured like 7 years ago (work related) and it really hurts most days. Motrin and Ibeprofins are my best friends alot lately.I have askedmy dr about Fibro and he keeps telling me i am too young well geesh how old do u have to be to have it??LOL He also blames alotof itonmy wiehgt but givesno suggestionsother than diet and exercise.. Well i did the diet thing and owned a Curves for women and worked out like 2 times a day (more than recommened). I did get alotof muscle but no wieght drop the only thing that happened was my belly dropped (apron) and i serious think that that may have something to do with my back pain also. Help please.

Dawn - posted on 01/02/2009





I have pain in my lower back from the a slipped disc and under my shoulder blades from the lupus and fibro... but then I have pain just about everywhere anyone touches me. The jacuzzi tub helps as does mild stretching in the shower, most days. Some days the only thing that helps me is to curl up in a nice warm soft bed in a position that is comfortable and zone out for a while. The cymbalta helps alot to keep the pain manageable most of the time and has been a god send since it does not interact with my lupus meds. Ibuprofen is a daily med that I take too which helps with the inflammation in the back and around my heart to help keep the pain tolerable. It is sad that keeping pain levels tolerable is my acceptable outcome instead of being pain free- I guess it has been too long since I was pain free to even hope for that.

Stay positive and stay as active as you can be to help keep muscles tone and fit.

Also I have found that Z-Coil shoes have helped to reduce my back and hip pain to almost nothing for days on end... go to for info on how they work. They are very worth trying.

Laurie - posted on 12/11/2008




Just a thought or two... Have you seen a rheumatologist? I wouldn't stop with a family practice or internist if the pain is not going away. Women are thought to be horribly underdiagnosed in ankylosing spondylitis (whose most common early symptoms are lower back pain and stiffness). I'm sure there are other illnesses with similar symptoms, I just know the AS symptoms because I have that one. :) But I would be very uncomfortable with a "lower lumbar strain" that never went away... That sounds to me like a dr's version of "I don't know". (And I'm sure your dr will appreciate my completely uneducated opinion! :) )

Anyway, I love heat on back and neck pain but have learned from a terrific dr that the rule of heating pads is 15 minutes on, and then get up... or at least off... the heat. Continued heat can cause the muscles to relax too much and then as soon as you move you strain them again.

Also, tens units are wonderful on back pain.

If your degenerative arthritis is an autoimmune issue, you might ask about the TNF inhibitors. Remicade was a God-send for me.

Hope this helps!

Marie - posted on 11/24/2008




Nice to meet you Betsy! I also have chronic lower back pain. I have ne real diagnosis, just "lower lumbar strain" for that. I am deciding it might all have to do with fibromyalgia, though- no diagnosis or testing on that yet.

I just wanted you to know that I definitely relate to chronic back pain and I wish you the best!

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