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Moms supporting Gay Marriage

Mom's against proposition 8 in California, Proposition 2 in Florida, and all the other discriminatory measures out there to prevent gay people from having the same rights as straight people.


Something I read

I will agree with another mom on the subject of calling it "gay" marriages to me marriage is marriage. I am a mom who has many "adopted" children and I have some that live same...



My name is KElsey and I Hve 4 month old and I am 21. The reason for joining this group is because i dont agree with the laws in cali about prop 8 and all that crap I think Gay...


Gay marriage

Two of my closest friends are women who are married and are raising a beautiful son. They are in the process of trying to get pregnant again. They are great parents:) Thier...


Straight but not narrow

Hi I'm new here, and though straight and married to a wonderful man I'm proud to say the state I live in has passed a law to make gay marriage legal beginning in September! I...



Just joined this group because I have a dear friend who's been in a happy relationship for longer than most hetero couples I know, and think it's unfair that he and his partner...


mother of gay daughter.

Hi I am a mother of a gay daughter, who is getting married next October. We are lucky enough to live in Massachusettes were gay marriage is legal.



i totally support gay marriages. no one said it was not normal. how do we know. i think all men and women are free to love who they want. the public displays of effection...



im a mom of a 3 year old girl, minneapolis minnesota, my brother is gay and i support 100% gay community