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My name is KElsey and I Hve 4 month old and I am 21. The reason for joining this group is because i dont agree with the laws in cali about prop 8 and all that crap I think Gay marriage should be allowed.


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Michelle - posted on 06/18/2010




I'm a 23yrs old I have a 3 yr old daughter and am 6 months pregnant with my second daughter. I am bisexual, I in most cases prefer women but fell head over heels when I met my fiancé.

I fully intend to raise my daughters and if I have son(s) raise them to know and accept all genders, sexual orientation, races, religions, and cliques(for the school age years).

I was raised knowing my mom had gay friends, some of them had children, and that my mom use to hang out at gay clubs. Until I was older and told my mother I was bisexual, she then told me she was as well.

Kathleen - posted on 03/27/2009




Yes! Did anyone happen to see Oprah's show on Wed 03/25 about sexual fluidity across the lifespan? Excellent dialogue and guests, including some celebs, talking openly and honestly about their experiences with sexual identity/orientation and all that stuff. My 11 year old daughter happened to be in the room while I was watching and it provided an excellent jump-off for a conversation about sexual orientation. I know all about suicide rates among young gays and lesbians and my husband and I use every opportunity to assure our daughter that as she grows, wherever she's at is just fine with us and we will always welcome her special people into our lives. Anyway, I'm babbling but I guess my point is that change is inevitable and the laws WILL change to protect the sanctity of gay marriage - we just have to keep up the fight.

Michelle - posted on 03/10/2009




I am right there with you. I have a 5 1/2 month old daughter. I am bi-sexual. it just so happens I am in love with a man. If he were a woman, I would love him just as much.
If my daughter every came to me and said "Mom, I am (a lesbian, bi, straight, want to have a sex change, or whatever)" I would fully support her decision and want her to have the same opportunity as a straight couple.
In the past decade we have come a long way thanks to the hard work of so many people. We still have a long way to go. With continued action, we can get things changed.
Legalizing same sex marriage is very similar to the Civil Rights Movement. We Too Shall Overcome!

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I agree - gay marriage should definately be allowed.  I don't understand how others can think it is appropriate to legislate against two people who love each other getting married... to say that only male/female marriage is allowable and, essentially, worthy of recognition.  I'm sure if the tables were turned (on any issue where the majority seems to rule) there would be uproar that it isnt' fair.  Well, neither is saying gay couples shouldn't be able to marry.

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