Moms Supporting Spanking

When a child acts up, no matter how much you may dislike it, you must discipline your child. Some parents give timeouts, some take away privileges, and some spank their kids. Do you?


spanking for the holiday

Hello all I wish every one a happy thanksgiving I was getting the house ready for people and family was over and we were cooking, my kids were so bad my 6 year old daughter...


new way to discipline

Hello I am karen I have three kids two girls ages 4,6. years old and my son age 9, we are also caring for my sister's daughter she is 8 her mother went to jail for a long time....


Maintenance Spankings

We put aside a regular time each week to spank our children for things they have done, attitude etc. during the week. If they have behaved of course then they escape a...


Six Year Old Son

My son turned six in March, and my husband says that he needs a good spanking the next time he is defiant with us. I am unsure about whether this is right, since I was not...


boy who pee's

I have a son who is 8 years old and he know's better. One weekend he and my hubby went camping the guy weekend. they had a good time, except My son learned a new trick no...


Help please

We need more moms to add some post's anything , spanking related, any story's. any one need help. anything lets all start talking please


vacation/ spring break discipline

Hello everyone can you moms please help me we were on spring break my family three kids and my hubby, we went to florida . Had a good time except my oldest daughter was naughty...


wal-mart shopping

Hello Today I found so much at my local wal-mart. I found some new wooden spoons, and good hair brush, and a round bath brush, they are really good to have when its time to...


Report cards

Hello fellow mom's I have a 7 year old daughter and she came home and we are getting ready for spring break next week. Now some backstory she was doing poorly on the last...


Diaper Discipline

Hi there does anyone use diapers for discipline I would like to know how that works please I am looking for ideas what age kids thanks karen


Spanking with a strap

After having a call from his teacher about that he doesn't do his homework at all, I told my husband then we decided that this time it would be with a strap. I called him to my...


my son and his cell phone

My son is 9 years old almost 10 and has been acting good and doing good in school so for a birthday gift we bought him a cell phone, He loved it. My two other girls younger then...



Hi everyone.... Not sure what to do with this latest issue with my girls, 5 and 7. I have found it was always so hard to run errands, like quick trip to the grocery store with...



My kids need discipline but I will not spank them because I find it a turn on - females your thoughts pls



Hi moms, I Have a few questions for all of you. A little bit about myself is I joined today, I have 6 wonderful kids, I'm a Catholic, I'm a STAHM and my hubby is a lawyer. I...


wooden spoon

Hello all I am Karen mom of three kids under ten years old I try to be very strict with my strong willed kids. We use spanking. I spank the kids with a wooden spoon bare...


The paddle

I had to give my 6 year old daughter a spanking today for being naughty, and fighting with her sister, I used the paddle on her bare bottom, and afterwards I made her sit in the...