Moms that are hairstylists

Mothers that are hair stylists, stands on feet all day , using their hands in all ways, while being creative, but still go home to cook, help their kids in all ways possible while they made others look better.


my 10 month old son has dry "hair"

My son's hair is in the middle of transition I believe. The sides of his hair is softer and the middle is a lil tougher but soft. He's somewhat multi racial. His his is very dry...



Hey ladies! This is not a mom related topic but I thought I could get some advice anyway. I work 11 hr days and I can't find a pair of "cute, trendy" shoes that don't kill my...


crazy hours

Hello everyone! I work wed, thur, fri 9am - 8pm. my husband hates that I'm not there 3 nights a week for dinner and he has to cook. And as we all know we need to be working...


Lace Wigs

I want to start a non profit to make lace wigs available to women and children who NEED them. I own Infinity Lace Wigs and I love my business. I simply want to do more. If...


Working Hard

When doing people hair it takes alot of patience, creativity, and loyal to clients but after all that you still have to b a mother to your kids even though you are tired , feet...