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Moms that are self-employed

Self-employed moms can help share advice on anything necessary for those moms that are just starting a new business or are thinking of of a self employed career.


Any Canadian Mom's here?

I'm in Southwestern Ontario. I'm looking for grant information for small businesses and cannot seem to find the right links. HELP!! Thanks...Joelle


Ideas for a slogan?

I am trying to think of a catchy slogan for my upcoming business. It will be a ice cream shop that also does soups and sandwiches. I keep thinking "it's never to cold for ice...


New Business

Planning on opening a new business in two weeks! While attending school, expecting and raising a 3 year old boy I am opening my dream ice cream shop as long as state approves us...


starting a children's resale store

Hi everyone! I've been a stay at home mom for 4 years now but with the economy the way it is i'm needing to go back to work. So I decided to start a children's resale store....


Feedback needed

We purchased the building for the therapeutic clinic. Closing date is January 29 so we're looking at a March 1 opening. I've started to put my ducks in a row...staffing,...


Any moms in the Richmond, Va Area??

Hi, I am a single mom who is self employed. I am looking to either grow my business or network with other moms who can share information with me about their business and I can...



Hello to the mothers yet to join! I am a college student that created this community because I am hoping (with good funding) to have my first business up and running in a few...